Cutting & Styling

Our salon loves to provide exclusive hair designs for each and every client.

Blow dry: £20 - £30
Regular blow dry: £16
Shampoo & set: £14
Wash & cut: £21 - £30
Cut & blowdry: £31 - £40
Gent's cut: £12

Brazilian Blowout

A treatment that reduces daily styling by leaving your hair smooth & frizz-free without harsh chemicals, lasting up to 12 weeks.

Short hair: from £120

Medium hair: from £150

Long hair: from £175

Olaplex 3 Step System

A system that repairs both the cuticles and cortex of damaged hair; Olaplex makes your hair stronger, healthier and colouring lasts longer, by reconnecting the broken hair bonds within the hair.

Olaplex Blowdry: from £40

Olaplex Cut & Blowdry: from £55

Olaplex Plus 3 Step System: from £40

Split end Correction: from £35

Olaplex & Split end Correction: from £60


Our salon create perms using both conventional and modernised tools to generate chic curls.

Perm on short hair: from £52

Perm on long hair: from £85

Colouring Services

NXT is our chosen product line.  NXT colour contains the latest anti-fade technology, providing a lasting, flawless shade.

Full head highlights: from £85

Half head highlights: from £70

T-section highlights: from £55

Colour in-between foils: from £22

Permanent colour: from £65

Semi-permanent colour: from £65

Regrowth colour under 5cm: from £55

Regrowth + slices: from £65

Balayage: from £100

Balayage refresh: from £75

Colour correction may take more than one session.  Each session will be devoted to taking the hair as far as possible without causing damage.  Each client will receive a full after-care package to take home to maintain the hair's full integrity between sessions.

Colour correction: price on consultation 

Toner: £18

Hair Extension Services

Hair extension application: from £150 .A follow up appointment will be provided free of charge, a week after to ensure your                                                                              Extensions are perfectly fitted.                                                                           

Hair extension re-application: from £175

Hair extension removal and restyle: from £65

Clients will purchase their hair before their extension fitting. Consultations will be booked so we can perfectly colour match your hair.

Occasional Services

Party hair: from £25
Bridal party hair trials: from £45
Bridal hair: from £65
Bridesmaid's hair: from £45
We are happy to travel to a venue of your choice. Additional travel costs will be agreed at the time of booking. 

Beauty Services

Lash and Brow Treatments

Lash lift & tint: £30

Lash lift : £32

Lash tint: £15

Eyebrow wax & shape: £12

Eyebrow tint: £12

Eyebrow wax & tint: £24

Brow lamination: £35

Henna Brows : £25

Dermalogica Facials

Pro skin 30 High impact £30

pro skin 60 Ultimate Facial £60

Pro skin 60 + LED Light Therapy £70

Reduces redness, inflammation, irritation and acne. Firms skin, re-energises and promotes anti- aging.

Advanced Targeted Treatments

High impact + Dermaplaining £50

Ultimate Facial + Dermaplaining £75

Ultimate Facial + Dermaplaining + LED Light Therapy £85

High impact + Diamond Microdermabrasion £50

Ultimate Facial + Diamond Microdermabrasion £75

Ultimate Facial + Diamond Microdermabrasion + LED Light Therapy £85

Targets wrinkles, pores and breakouts, helps brighten skin texture and uneven skin tone. Improves uneven pigmentation whilst stimulating collagen and stretch marks. Dermaplaining removes Vellus hair.


48 hour patch test for all colour & tint services.

Nail Services

Products within the service are hypo-allergenic, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Nail Enhancements

Create any length & shape; adds structure, builds and extends beautiful nails that last over 4 weeks.  At 3 to 4 weeks max, infills or rebalancing will be needed.

Approximate 2 hour appointments are allotted.

Bitten mini extensions: from £25

Natural overlay: from £30

Bespoke overlay: from £35

Extensions: from £35

Bespoke extensions: from £40

The service can include smooth, effortless application of premium gel colour, glitters, shimmers and frosts.

Extra add-on service

Approximately 30 minutes will need adding to allotted time for clients with excessive skin growth on the nail plate before any enhancement takes place.

Russian manicure: £5

Nail Enhancement Repairs

Any nail lifting with no nail bed damage will require a different nail bonder service - Tack or Powerbond!

Free repairs within 1 week with no nail bed damage: £0

Plain colour within 3 weeks: £3

Bespoke repair within 3 weeks: £5

Hard Gel Removal

Approximate 30 minute appointment is required.  Hard gel is a non soak-off gel which requires the use of a file for removal.  A thin layer is left to protect the integrity of the natural nail and shorten in length.

Hard gel removal: £10

Removal of gel & nail polish finish: £15

Removal of gel & strengthener finish: £15

Soak-off Gel

Revolutionary building gel can be used under either soak-off gel polish or hard gel, lasting 3 weeks.

Building base layer to strengthen natural nail: £5

Building base to create small extensions: £10

Gel colour finger nails: £15

Gel colour and signature finger nails: £20

Gel colour and creative finger nails: £25

Gel colour on toes: £15

Nail Lacquer

Colour polish on finger nails: £10

Overlay on toes: £10


Chrome per nail: 10p

Swarovski crystals individually: from 50p

Swarovski crystals on 2 half finger nails: £2 - £4

Swarovski crystals on 2 full finger nails: £4 - £6

Service Finish

Ends with hand cream & cuticle oil treatment.