Cutting & Styling

Our salon loves to provide exclusive hair designs for each and every client.

Blow dry: £20 - £30
Regular blow dry: £16
Shampoo & set: £14
Wash & cut: £21 - £30
Cut & blowdry: £31 - £40
Gent's cut: £12

Brazilian Blowout

A treatment that reduces daily styling by leaving your hair smooth & frizz-free without harsh chemicals, lasting up to 12 weeks.

Short hair: from £120

Medium hair: from £150

Long hair: from £175

Olaplex 3 Step System

A system that repairs both the cuticles and cortex of damaged hair; Olaplex makes your hair stronger, healthier and colouring lasts longer, by reconnecting the broken hair bonds within the hair.

Olaplex Blowdry: from £40

Olaplex Cut & Blowdry: from £55

Olaplex Plus 3 Step System: from £40

Split end Correction: from £35

Olaplex & Split end Correction: from £60


Our salon create perms using both conventional and modernised tools to generate chic curls.

Perm on short hair: from £52

Perm on long hair: from £85

Colouring Services

NXT is our chosen product line.  NXT colour contains the latest anti-fade technology, providing a lasting, flawless shade.

Full head highlights: from £85

Half head highlights: from £70

T-section highlights: from £55

Colour in-between foils: from £22

Permanent colour: from £65

Semi-permanent colour: from £65

Regrowth colour under 5cm: from £55

Regrowth + slices: from £65

Balayage: from £100

Balayage refresh: from £75

Colour correction may take more than one session.  Each session will be devoted to taking the hair as far as possible without causing damage.  Each client will receive a full after-care package to take home to maintain the hair's full integrity between sessions.

Colour correction: price on consultation 

Toner: £18

Hair Extension Services

Hair extension application: from £150 .A follow up appointment will be provided free of charge, a week after to ensure your                                                                              Extensions are perfectly fitted.                                                                           

Hair extension re-application: from £175

Hair extension removal and restyle: from £65

Clients will purchase their hair before their extension fitting. Consultations will be booked so we can perfectly colour match your hair.

Occasional Services

Party hair: from £25
Bridal party hair trials: from £45
Bridal hair: from £65
Bridesmaid's hair: from £45
We are happy to travel to a venue of your choice. Additional travel costs will be agreed at the time of booking. 

Beauty Services

Lash lift & tint: £30

Classic lash extension: From £35

Classic lash infills: From £20

Lash extension removal: £10

Eyebrow wax & shape: £12

Eyebrow tint: £12

Eyebrow wax & tint: £24

Brow lamination: £30


48 hour patch test for all colour & tint services.

Nail Services

Products within the service are hypo-allergenic, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Nail Enhancements

Create any length & shape; adds structure, builds and extends beautiful nails that last over 4 weeks.  At 3 to 4 weeks max, infills or rebalancing will be needed.

Approximate 2 hour appointments are allotted.

Bitten mini extensions: from £25

Natural overlay: from £30

Bespoke overlay: from £35

Extensions: from £35

Bespoke extensions: from £40

The service can include smooth, effortless application of premium gel colour, glitters, shimmers and frosts.

Extra add-on service

Approximately 30 minutes will need adding to allotted time for clients with excessive skin growth on the nail plate before any enhancement takes place.

Russian manicure: £5

Nail Enhancement Repairs

Any nail lifting with no nail bed damage will require a different nail bonder service - Tack or Powerbond!

Free repairs within 1 week with no nail bed damage: £0

Plain colour within 3 weeks: £3

Bespoke repair within 3 weeks: £5

Hard Gel Removal

Approximate 30 minute appointment is required.  Hard gel is a non soak-off gel which requires the use of a file for removal.  A thin layer is left to protect the integrity of the natural nail and shorten in length.

Hard gel removal: £10

Removal of gel & nail polish finish: £15

Removal of gel & strengthener finish: £15

Soak-off Gel

Revolutionary building gel can be used under either soak-off gel polish or hard gel, lasting 3 weeks.

Building base layer to strengthen natural nail: £5

Building base to create small extensions: £10

Gel colour finger nails: £15

Gel colour and signature finger nails: £20

Gel colour and creative finger nails: £25

Gel colour on toes: £15

Nail Lacquer

Colour polish on finger nails: £10

Overlay on toes: £10


Chrome per nail: 10p

Swarovski crystals individually: from 50p

Swarovski crystals on 2 half finger nails: £2 - £4

Swarovski crystals on 2 full finger nails: £4 - £6

Service Finish

Ends with hand cream & cuticle oil treatment.